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what is coraggio?

Once, as Pope St. John Paul II battled illness, a Capuchin friar stood below his window with a fist in the sky and shouted, "Coraggio! (Courage!)" Inspired by this story, we at Catholic to the Max wanted to create a product line devoted to inspiring others to have courage and spark real life conversations about the message of Christ.

When Jesus spoke to His disciples, he often used parables to teach about the Kingdom of God. These parables were engaging, but also sometimes, a little unclear. It stirred curiosity in His followers, which led them to ask questions.

With this in mind, we've created a new set of designs that are Catholic, engaging, but also a little unclear. By stirring curiosity in others, our hope is when someone asks you about your shirt, journal, bracelet, etc, you have the opportunity and courage to spread the message of Christ.

Using our existing manufacturing processes and products, we've also partnered with Lazarus Artisan Goods to bring this idea to life. Featuring apparel, leather items, and so much more to come, we hope this brand gives you the courage for the adventure of Christian life.

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