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Hand-crafted in Honduras, and engraved right here in the U.S., these leather bracelets feature our favorite inspiring saint quotes. Crafted from 100% soft genuine leather, each one comes in differing shades and patterns, making no two the same. Available in both a stone and chocolate color, these bracelets feature a double snap enclosure on stone colors, and a single snap on chocolate colors.

*Please note: Bracelet sizes vary. They are approximately 1 x 8-9". (See picture below)


 These bracelets were created by the individuals at Lazarus Artisan Goods, a group we have partnered with that works with Hondurans. Through this ministry, men and women are taught to make high quality goods while receiving sustainable wages, health-care, and an education. Their goal is to not only help their workers financially, but to teach them to find dignity and purpose in all that they do. Both we at Catholic to the Max and Mission Lazarus thank you for helping support our teams of talented individuals.

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